Haskell software developer with 3 years of experience, including 1 year of professional experience.

Tech work experience

  • May 4th, 2016–May 20th, 2017 Tier 2 Haskell developer at Stack Builders (remote). The job involved working for several clients mostly from the US. Web-applications built with Yesod, Snap, Servant (including a micro-service based system with Servant on backend). Agile. Another part of the job was writing tutorials and blog posts to increase visibility of the company.


  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • AWS.
  • Server automation: Ansible.
  • Linux server.
  • Strong knowledge of Git.
  • CI: Travis CI, Circle CI.
  • Front-end: HTML (5), CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX).
  • Bash/Python/Haskell scripting.
  • Other languages I know: C, C++, Python, Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp.


  • Concepts (not mentioning basic things like rank-N types, existentials, phantom types etc.): EDSL using combinators, GADTs, type-level programming, generics, TH, high-performance Haskell, parallel and concurrent Haskell, lens (van Laarhoven/profunctor).

  • Libraries (not mentioning vital common libs like monad-control and base): lens, aeson, conduit, postgresql-simple, persistent, esqueleto, dbmigrations, parsec, megaparsec, attoparsec, yesod, snap, servant, http-client, http-conduit, wreq, req, cryptonite, warp, HUnit, hspec, QuickCheck, test-framework, tasty, hedgehog, webdriver, optparse-applicative, path, path-io, stache, vector, containers, unordered-containers, binary, cereal, store, etc.

Open source

  • Megaparsec—Industrial-strength monadic parser combinator library.

  • Req—Easy-to-use, type-safe, expandable, high-level HTTP library.

  • Zip—Efficient library for manipulating zip archives.

  • Text Metrics—Calculate various string metrics efficiently in Haskell.

  • Stache—Mustache templates for Haskell.

  • Path IO—Operations on files and directories with well-typed paths. I’m also a contributor and co-maintainer of path itself.

The full list can be found at


Soft skills

  • I speak Russian (native) and English (fluent, experienced with documentation/tutorial writing).

  • Stress-resistant, open to criticism/discussion.


  • 2009–2014—Polzunov Altai State Technical University. Engineer degree in informational technology and measuring engineering.