Looking for co-maintainers for my open-source projects

Published on September 15, 2018

I originally posted this on Reddit, but in its infinite wisdom, it has removed the post.

Hey there! As some of you know I’ve been active in open source for some time but lately there are quite a few things outside of coding that need my attention. I still write Haskell outside of work, but my activity is incomparable to what it was before. In addition to that, even when I have free time I’m more inclined to digging Coq or something like that nowadays, not Haskell per se.

To ensure that projects that are useful for others remain in good state and in case I’m hit by bus, I’m asking interested (and qualified, preferably) people to become co-maintainers of some of my projects.

All currently active and supported projects are listed in the OSS section on my site:


I think the most interesting sub-sections are “Haskell” and “MMark” but I’m keen to add co-maintainers for the other projects as well if people are interested.